Saturday the 11th of February, My husband, my friend Pam and I took off on our snowmobiles from our house. Twenty Two miles up the St Joe river just around the 69 mile marker, we came around a corner and here was a nice, big cow elk dead in the road. There was an approximately 8 to 10 inch square of tissues eaten down the rib cage on her right shoulder and the wolves had entered her through the rectal area, drug out the bowel tissues and the womb and the elk fetus was very clearly visible on the ground more or less still in tact. My husband had to direct my attention to the fetus. I mean I saw the poor thing, but it did not compute in my head. And then I was really p.o ed. I took these pictures and my friend Pam sat there and cried because she could'nt believe that kind of thing happens. She thinks a little differently about wolves now. There were wolf tracks all the way around the animal. Three distinctly different size sets that I could see, and the tracks went east. We followed them for 6 miles and turned around when the snow got too heavy for us. We drove back to where the elk was, and my husband found a good place to sit about 100 feet away from the elk with a good view for a ways in either direction. He thought they might come back to the animal. He sat there from 1:00pm to 5:45pm. Well sounds like they came back but they were above the road about 300 feet or so from the dead cow. Milt said it sounded like they were back into what's left of the herd because there was a lot of howling going on. The pictures attached below may not be suitable for all viewers.


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